Watauga June Scores

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Watauga June Scores

Post by Spy100 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:55 am

Watauga June 27 Scores

Well we got our first ATA match in for this year of 2020. And let me say it was one to remember, lets just say I think the weatherman was working
at home and home was in south Miami. "For He Missed It" The whole week showed no rain and no wind and 78 for a temp.Got ready to leave out
and got a shower alert at ten till seven, and then it was on. We had rain almost all day in some form or fashion, it drizzled rain and it poured rain the whole day. With that we can move into the no wind, the wind blew about as hard as I've ever seen. It cost us three umbrella's just turned them to toothpicks they all ended on the the burn pile at the end of the day. Please understand there was no effect from the so called SAND STORM in
Boone on that day.

Tough day for trap shooting but there was 25 brave souls that took the blunt of the storm on anwithstood all Mother Nature could throw at them.
Now for the shooting, we had some that really showed off in those weather conditions. In SINGLES we had a father and son by the name of Daniel
and Daniel Tollison's coming to the house with a pain of 94s. Junior took Dad to the whipping post in a heated shoot-off Lil D posted a 25 moving
dear ole dad to B class. In Handicap Will Price took another shot at the Big 50 but failed by one bird, but was able to take champ with a score
of 96. Doubles was also taken with a 96 posted by a young man out of Tennessee by the name of Ethan Jones.

Saturday June 27, 2020

Number of shooters 22
Champion Daniel Tollison Jr 94 Shoot-Off Daniel Tollison Sr.
AA Class Darvin Cornett 93
A Class Will Price 93
B Class Daniel Tollison Sr 94
C Class Randy Jones 90
D Class Boutros, Boutros 85
Sub Junior Joshua Royal 82
Junior Ethan Jones 81
Lady 1 Tiffany Decker 90
Lady 2 Donna Cornett 76
Vet John Waters 92
Sr Vet Charlie Brown 83

Number of shooters 22

Champion Will Price 96
Long Yardage Darvin Cornett 93
Mid Yardage Jason Dancy 86
Short Yardage Daniel Tollison Sr 92

Number of shooters 15

Champion Ethan Jones 96
A Class Greg High 88
B Class Will Price 88
C Class Randy Jones 78
D Class Bobby Jones 83

HOA Will Price 277x300

Let me close with thanking you all for coming out in the face of all this going on in the world. It has been a long time and was
really good to see you all. No matter the weather or scores it was great to get together again and break a few targets.

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