Watauga Crew At Buckhorn 5/11/2013

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Watauga Crew At Buckhorn 5/11/2013

Post by smokem » Mon May 13, 2013 7:36 am

Well Fred another great weekend at Buckhorn, The Big Smurf, as Dan The Man politely refers to Mr. Wilson, put on a great shoot and was very gracious in helping us get a bunch of targets in for the kids. The parents and I are wore out just watching them shoot all those targets, and Brent and Ivan are wore out from carrying the cases of shells up and down the range.

We had (5) of the Watauga aim kids take the drive to Buckhorn, again Graham was my chauffeur, with his father Ivan Roten and Daniel Taylor as passengers and in the van was Emma and Tyler Ward with their parents Brent and Lisa Ward and the group comedian Marshal Roten trying their best to keep up with Graham. We got the team signed up and introduced them to everybody especially Mr. 100 straight Braxten Ragan!

The day was nice, no rain till the doubles, yup the team shot their first ever doubles, they did great, the rain did not distract them, they thought it was cool to see their shot cutting through the rain. I was so proud of them, it was no time and they all were smoking the first target and getting that pesky second target that was shookin' and jivin' in the wind and rain. Then the rain quit and the extra targets began (thanks again Jim), They commenced to bust another 200 singles, yup that's right a total of 500 birds in a day!

In the process Marshal Shot his high singles to date a 90 (The kids have only been shooting Trap for about 6 weeks), and not to be outdone Tyler shot his first 25 straight in singles! Lawson Greene and his dad were back in Boone taking care of Mother's day business! Missed you guys, catch ya at practice next week.

Great shooting everybody! And more importantly what a great time spending a day with these quality people! I found out along the way all of these Kids are "HONOR ROLE" students. Awesome! That makes me so proud. Well Fred we are all looking forward to The State Shoot, gonna be a good one.

Pictures and Video to follow.


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name change

Post by MorgMeister » Mon May 13, 2013 11:01 am

I boofed again, it was Graham that shot a his high to date in singles, a 90, sorry Graham i'll get this figured out eventually. Morg........

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