June 29th Smoke Report

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June 29th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:01 pm

Greetings and finally a few trapshoots in North Carolina. Yes, you heard that correct there was registered trapshooting in North Carolina. Other than some Saharan dust blowing into the area Saturday everything else was pretty quiet.

Watauga hosted their first shoot of the new year and it was well attended. The front came through earlier than expected and it was windy and rainy up until the doubles. Will Price won A Class singles, Caps and a punch and B Class doubles with won him the HOA with 93x96x88=277x300. Lil D and Big D tied for singles champ and Lil D broke a 25 to his pops 22. Tom Shelley came out of retirement and laid it on Pitts. Jim Dotson drove in but decided to observe the action. Marty – Greg – Tiffany – Donna & Darvin & Charlie Brown all rode up. Glad they got it in the books for 2020.

The Rockingham Gun Club hosted their 3rd Annual SCTP Singles Championship Saturday. It was well attended and not as big as previous years number wise, but the kids shot more events than in previous years. We had a squad of ATA shooters including Mark Cox and Ted Carwile. Tyler Cox had to shoot by himself but managed to carve out a 96 to win the caps and get a punch. He struggled a bit in singles but got it together in the caps. Hopefully, I will have a write up to post and some pictures very soon. A big shoutout to Jeff Allen and Margaret Johnson for their planning the event and RCGC trap director Lane Murray and the Rockingham County Gun Club for hosting the event. We ran 5 traps and had refs and 2 loaders for every field. Van Fleming, Scott Shoulars and James Brown got the grounds looking the best they have ever looked. I am hearing now that they want to host more events and that is a good thing.

Prayer list looks like prayers for Tom Smith and John Waters mom fell again and he is taking care of that situation. I talked to Ronnie Smith Sunday and he is the son of Charlie and Lillian Smith that used to ref and the NC Homegrounds and Spartanburg. He had a stroke several years back but has made a remarkable recovery.

Ok that is about it for this week and I hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe and hopefully you can get out and shoot this week. Hello to Lou, Scott, Ronnie, Cowboy and Anne and until next week…………smokem

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