2014 Florida State Shoot Info

Info about shoot dates and scores from around the nation.
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2014 Florida State Shoot Info

Post by smokem » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:42 pm

Championship weekend is here and the 2014 Florida State Shoot started Tuesday. VA shooter Clay Floyd won the prelim singles on Tuesday with 100 straight. He also won the prelim Tuesday dubs with a 96.
Wednesday Clay won the singles with another 100 and the 25-27 yard award in the caps on Wednesday and Thursday. He also won the dubs on Thursday with a 97.

VA shooter Bob Goodman won Vet RU dubs on Tuesday and non-res Class AA in the Friday Doubles Class Championship. I also noticed that Louis Carter from Lithia Florida won Vet Singles with a 100 straight on Thursday......great shooting Lou.

We will try to keep an eye on the remaining events over the weekend.

@8:30 Sunday Night.......taking a look at the weekend it looks like Florida PAT Trap mechanic Vince Valois won the in-state singles with a 199 and Stephen Rice from Columbia TN won the non-res with the lone 200. Clay Floyd won non-res AA with a 198.

Sunday doubles found Kay Ohye winning with a 96 with RU Bill Osceola. Non-res winner was Steven Miller from Bedford PA with KY shooter Mike Castle the RU. Clay Floyd won non-res AA with a 91.

Handicap resident winner was Charles Grass with a 95 and Mike Bunk took RU with a 93. Non-res higun was TN shooter JD Davis with a 96 and Clay Floyd took non-res RU with a 93.

HOA in state was Kaye Ohye with a 1236 and non-res winner was Clay Floyd with a 1247 and Bob Goodman took HOA non-res RU with a 1208.

HAA in state winner was Kaye Ohye with a 382 and Drew Stroehecker won non-res with a 383. Clay Floyd took RU HAA with a 382.

Looking at the stats it looks like the shoot was down about 6.42% from 2013. Championship singles was down 79 entries with doubles up 28 and handicap 55 shooters.

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