May 7th Smoke Report

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May 7th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun May 06, 2018 10:21 pm

Wonderful weekend in North Carolina and several shoot reports from LCP and Coharie are posted. Several shoots this week and here is the link to the NCTA shoot calendar courtesy of -

Rand – Will – Ken at the Louisiana State Shoot 2018

Randy Boone Jones and his entourage (Will Price & Ken Moore) made it to the Louisiana State Shoot and doubled back for the Championship weekend at the Georgia State Shoot. I have no idea if they won anything but I have included the link to the LA State Shoot info -

Georgia State Shoot 2017 Sunday – Looking top to bottom….

We had several NC shooters at the GA State Shoot and I looked at the scores for Sunday. I will include the link for GA and you can look for yourself….120 entries for doubles and only 18 scores in the nineties….138 entries in the handicap event and only 9 scores in the nineties. I talked to Bill Howe and I asked him about conditions Sunday and all he could say was WIND. Of course wind happens and you must carry on. Hats off to SC shooters Doug Stenback and Roger Smith for posting the top score of the day in caps – 92….. Here is the link to the GA State info…

JD Goodwin – Post 3

The South Carolina State Shoot is starting the 16th and running through the 20th of May. is still open as of Sunday night and camping is sold out according to Tammie Wilkins with the Spartanburg GC. Croft State Park is about 5 miles away and Pine Ridge Campground is about 15 miles away. Looks like they are expecting a crowd and I know for a fact some new shooters new to the SGC will be attending.

NC Homegrounds – 2018 HOF

I also know that Pre-Squad will be open for the North Carolina State Trapshoot on the 7th at 4PM Pacific time. It is very helpful to pre-squad and really speeds up the process. If they could ever figure out how to fill the all the early squads without any gaps that could sure speed things up. But that happens in other state shoots also…… is the link

Practice at The Watauga Gun Club – Carolina Claybreakers…

Morg is cracking the whip at the Watauga Gun Club and young people are just a practicing. That is great and not sure if they are getting ready for South Carolina or North Carolina. Hats off to all the coaches that work with these young folks. I sure wish I had this kind of support when I was their age…..Here is a link to all of the pix Morg took Sunday…. ... t=3&page=1

Prayer list includes Will Price’s wife Sherry, Jan Schultz, JT Brewer, Lewis Wyatt and continue to remember Mike Harrelson in South Carolina. I hope Mike will be able to come to the SC State Shoot. Lewis made it to the Rock Sunday and shot a few rounds. The treatments he takes really tire him out and glad to see him out and about. Also continue to pray for Carolyn Keever and heard that she spent some time in the hospital after the Hall Of Fame due to pneumonia……

Time to wrap it up for this week and I hope you have a good one. I will be heading to the Spartanburg GC to put up shelters prior to the shoot. Great time to chat with Tammie Wilkins and see how the shoot is shaping up. Hello to Lou, Hap, Scott and Cousin Ronnie and until next week…….Smokem

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