5/06/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

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5/06/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

Post by jchild1016 » Tue May 29, 2018 4:50 am

Trap Sunday May

Well here we go again plenty of clouds with a little wind and no rain.
I am beginning to think that the good Lord has keeps the rain away from the trap shooters at Buccaneer.

The top guns for the day are Nathan Snyder with a great score of 49 to take A Class. Nathan that straight away bird will can get you. Bill Mortensen took B class with a 43. Eric Leo took B class with a 38.
Brad Powell took D class with a 31.

I would like to thank Jerry DiGiovanni for doing a great job of scoring. Also would like to thank Dave Ernst, Pat Childers , Jason Harris, Rich Rossi, Eric Leo and every one else for all their help. With their help it made a great day at Buccaneer.

A Class

Nathan Snyder *49
Pat Childers 46

B Class

Bill Mortensen *43
Tom Allen 42
Bob Mac Farland 41
Dave Eslinger 41
Jason Harris 40
Alex Gonzalez 40
Dave Ernst 39

C Class
Eric Leo *38
Ben Jones 36
Rich Rossi 35

D Class
Brad Powell *31
Allen HARRIS 28
James Burden 25

Handicap Class Doubles Class
Bill Mortensen *42 Nathan Snyder *45
Rich Rossi 39 Pat Childers 43
Pat Childers 38 Bob Mac Farland 38
Dave Eslinger 38 Dave Eslinger 38
Jason Harris 36 Jason Harris 33
Nathan Snyder 34 Bill Mortensen 33
Eric Leo 31 Rich Rossi 28
James Burden 24 Eric Leo 25

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