Watauga Scores for May 26,2018

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Watauga Scores for May 26,2018

Post by Spy100 » Tue May 29, 2018 9:37 am

Watauga August 27th Scores

Great day on the mountain for trap shooting. The weather was the big battle all day with driving rain most of the day. But the spirits
were strong and a great turn out of young shooters.

Now to the shooting and the scores will let you know how the day went. In Singles champion Noah Gouge with a score of 99s.
We had two shooters with a score of 95 for half yard punches student Daniel Tollison and coach Jason Dancy.
Doubles event was taken by Brian Kellner with a score of 95, Brian ran the first fifty but just couldnt hold on for the second fifty.
And with that John Waters took HOA with a score of 275X300

Saturday May 26, 2018

Number of shooters 28
Champion Noah Gouge 99
A Class Richard Drake 97
B Class Jason Dancy 95
C Class Joe Nalley 93
D Class Andy Burgess 96
Sub Jr Daniel Tollison 93
Jr Grace Reavis 94
Lady Mattie Wells 62
Vet John Waters 94

Number of shooters 15

Champion Jason Dancy 95 Tie Daniel Tollison Jr
Long Yardage Tom Shelley 93
Mid Yardage John Waters 90
Short Yardage Richard Drake 91
Sub Jr Caleb Mathis 88
Jr Grace Reavis 91

Number of shooters 8

Champion Brian Kellner 95
B Class Tom Pitts 78
C Class John Waters 90
D Class Daniel Tollison Jr 80
Sub Jr Caleb Dancy 82
Jr Grace Reavis 57

HOA John Waters 275X300

Hey Thanks to All that came out and to all the people that take the time to make things happen.

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