Rockingham Founders Shoot 6/16/2018

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Rockingham Founders Shoot 6/16/2018

Post by smokem » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:28 pm

John Martin with a bird out....

John Martin and Tommy Brown

The Rockingham Gun Club held their monthly shoot Saturday June 16th. It was hot but the wind was minimal and except for some passing clouds the shooting conditions were great.

The singles cranked up and we had two squads going at it. John and Kyle Martin came to visit from DCWC and they shot with Jeff Galloway and Tommy Brown on a 4 man squad. There were two 98’s a 97 and a 96 in that squad.

Handicap cranked up and after the smoke cleared there were two 94’s sitting at the top and they included John Martin and Tommy Brown. We knew eventually they would have to shootoff the caps and John and Tommy had also tied wit 98’s in the singles.

We had one squad of doubles and they were good looking doubles I might add. Tommy had some trigger issues with a new Perazzi which slowed him down a bit. Other than that Jeff Galloway posted a strong 95 to win the event.

John and Tommy agreed to end the ties in singles and caps by shooting handicap. They stepped to the line for the first 25 and when it ended both had posted 24’s. They shot another box and Tommy emerged the eventual winner with a solid 25.

John took the HOA with a solid 98/94/88 for a 280x300 and that is some good shooting. I enjoy watching John shoot and we hope he will be back to the Rock very soon.

Thanks to all that attended and to all that pitched in to help run the shoot. The BIG50 was cancelled and hopefully we will reschedule at a later date…..

Here is the link to all the pictures taken at the shoot: ... 018?sort=3

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