Buckhorn Sunday 6/24/2018

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Buckhorn Sunday 6/24/2018

Post by straightaway » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:29 pm

HOT! A 3 shirt day for sure. Don't know what the heat index was, but, the thermometer in the truck settled on 95* when we were done at 4:00. There was a breeze that bounced the targets around but did little to cool off the shooters. Water was at a premium and I would guess that those of us there drank a large pond full of it........ The sun was in and out, making for a few now you see it now you don't ventures. With all that there were good scores shot in all events with no mercy to be found for anyone. Good turnout as we had 27 shoot singles, 20 for caps and 16 toed the line for doubles.

We had a strong showing of shooters from DCWC and Jeff Galloway represented Rockingham. The young 'uns were out in force and shot very well with the continued support of very involved parents. It is soooo good to see this as they are the future of our sport.

Marty left his kitty kat at home but he did show us the wounds on his arms were Sam was evidently sharpening his claws. He mentioned something about getting 'ol Sam "fixed", turned down offers of having us do a "homemade" version for him......wonder why???

Lunch was great as usual with cold cut sammiches, beans, cookies, watermelon, cantelope and of course Karole's deeelicious cupcakes. The Faithful did their thing as usual and everything ran like clockwork.


Champ - John Miller 100
AA - Dan Johnson 98
A - John Martin 99
B - Jeff Abarbanell 97
C - Joe Nalley 93
D - Joshua Brafford 84
Lady 1- Karole Miller 92
Lady 2 - Patricia Dwyer 93
Sr Vet - Charlie Brown 97
Vet - Ed Rabenda 95
Sub Vet - Tim Crabtree 98
Junior Gold - Aliya Pennington 58
Junior - Ean Wagoner 94 (1st 50 straight in there)
Sub Junior - Taylor Horner 89

I know it's coming so I'll put the truth to the tale before "others" put their spin on it. I was 49 straight in the mid 50 and dropped the last target out. What happened is the world went completely dark and tilted on it's axis at the VERY moment I called for that target leaving virtually no chance to break it. My story and I'm sticking to it! Lesson learned, break the damn thing BEFORE you count it.......

Champ - Dan Johnson 95
Short - Ray Yazdi 92
Mid - John Martin 93
Inter - President Hill 85
Long - Jeff Galloway 90
Lady 2 - Patricia Dwyer 80
Sr Vet - Glenn Alford 88
Vet - Ed Rabenda 87
Sub Vet - Walter Mabe 91
Junior Gold - Aliya Pennington 70
Junior - Ean Wagoner 90
Sub Junior - Taylor Horner 89

Champ - Dan Johnson 95
AA - Jeff Galloway 91
A - Walter Mabe 93
B - Marty Hill 78
C - John Martin 83
D - Charles Pennington 74
Lady - Taylor Horner 77
Sr Vet - Charles C Brown Jr - 85
Vet - Ed Rabenda 80
Sub Vet - Perry Kemp 79
Junior Gold - Aliya Pennington 60
Junior - Ean Wagoner 86
Sub Junior - Joshua Brafford 80

HOA - Dan Johnson

That wraps it up for the day!

Travel safe and see you next time wherever it is, Dan.

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