Watauga Scores June 23, 2018

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Watauga Scores June 23, 2018

Post by Spy100 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:59 am

Watauga June 23rd Scores

Great day on top of the mountain for trap shooting. The weather, well madam Mother Nature brought out her bag of tricks proving
that she was in control. The morning started off with a little rain and wind, but by shooting time the rain was gone. The wind on the
other hand stayed with us most of the day. With that said the day was really great for shooting an I think everyone was glad to see
some cooler temps.

Now to the shooting and the scores will let you know how the day went. In Singles we had James Hughes as champion with a
score of 98. We had a young shooter by the name of Garrett Wagoner rolling in the house with a score of 93 for top honors in
Handicap, and a half yard punch. Doubles event was taken by Randy Jones with a score of 91. And with that we found Randy
Jones taken HOA with a score of 274X300.

Saturday June 23, 2018

Number of shooters 34
Champion James Hughes 98
AA Class Steve Watson 97
A Class Tim Crabtree 94
B Class Kenneth Moore 96
C Class Randy Jones 93
D Class Andy Burgess 89 Tie with Garrett Wagoner
Sub Jr Caleb Dancy 94
Jr Price Fortner 91
Vet John Waters 92
Sr Vet Bill Howe 90

Number of shooters 29

Champion Garrett Wagoner 93
Long Yardage Gerald Sparks 83
Mid Yardage Randy Jones 90
Short Yardage James Hughes 90
Sub Jr Daniel Tollison 90 Tie Caleb Dancy
Jr Keith Calhound 86
Vet John Waters 89
Sr Vet Kenneth Moore 88

Number of shooters 19

Champion Randy Jones 91
B Class Walter Mabe 83
C Class Joe Bouvrette 90
D Class Will Price 86
Sub Jr Caleb Dancy 82
Jr Price Fortner 82
Vet John Waters 85
Sr Vet Kenneth Moore 89

HOA Randy Jones 274X300

Hey Thanks to All the parents and kids of the Blue Ridge Clay Busters for all the help in keeping
the fields picked up and the shoot rolling. Its really great to see all these young people taking an
intrest into our sport of shooting.

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