DCWC June 30th Results

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DCWC June 30th Results

Post by Scotch25 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:57 pm

Miss Scarlett put on a nice shoot on a hot day at the Big D today. Wayne Perry is still wondering how that one little birdie escaped, preventing him from shooting off with his buddy Buddy in singles. The messenger got the worst of it in the resolution of the Lady 1 singles winner. There were shooters from every corner of North Carolina with a strong turnout from Buckhorn and Rockingham. There was even a welcome straggler from VA. Thanks to all for attending, especially those that made a long trip. Special mention to John Taylor who competed in his first registered shoot and did well.

We had 33, 34 and 17 step up to the line. Here’s what happened:

Singles Champ (33 shooters) Buddy Jensen 100
AA: Dan Johnson 98
A: Ronnie Manuel 97
B: Bill Dudley (carry over/Marty Hill) 91
C: Wayne Perry 99
D: Matt Davis 94

SRV: Joe Hartley 95
VT: Tom Brown 96
SBV: Anthony Barlanti 95
Lady 1: Scarlett Su (negotiation w/Karole Miller) 92
Lady 2: Pat Dwyer 86
SJ: Tyler Cox 67

Handicap Champ (34 shooters) Tom Brown 93
Short: Mark Spoon 92
Intermediate: Ronnie Manuel 89
Mid: Karole Miller 89
Long: Buddy Jenkins 90 (s/o Jonathan Miller and Lewis Oot)

SRV: Bill Dudley 88
VT: Tage Honore 70
SBV: Eric Scherer 91
Lady 1: Margaret Johnson 85
Lady 2: Pat Dwyer 86
SJ: Tyler Cox 62

Doubles Champ (17 shooters) Charlie Brown 91
AA: Johnathan Miller 89
A: Doug Mckinney 88
B: Buddy Jensen 89
C: Ray Yazdi 84
D: Mark Damon Cox 82

SRV: Thomas Otis NSR
Vet: Tom Brown 68
SBV: Dan Johnson 88
Lady 1: Karole Miller 86
Lady 2: Donna Cornett 72
SJ: Tyler Cox 60

HOA: Buddy Jensen 279

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