6/17/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

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6/17/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

Post by jchild1016 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:08 am

Trap Sunday May

What a great Fathers Day we had at Buccaneer today. It finally caught
up to us, we did get some rain for about a half hour and then it clear up. We had a very light wind and that made for some good scores.

We had a good turnout for the holiday with 3 squads. The top guns for the day are Pat Childers and Al Bost with a great score of 47 to take A Class. Bill Boston and Bill Mortensen took B class with a 44. Our very
own Bob MacFarland took C Class with a 38. Wayne Averill had a great round on Handicap with a clean round of 25 for a total of 45 to be top gun in Handicap. That was some great shooting Wayne.

I would like to thank Bob MacFarland, Jason Harris, Eric Leo, Pat Childers, Bill Boston and Fred Truelove for there help. What a great group of guys that pitched in to make it a good Trap day at Buccaneer.

A Class
Pat Childers *47
Al Bost *47

B Class
Bill Mortensen *44
Bill Boston *44
Wayne Averill 42
John Bendele 42
Fred Truelove 41
James Burden 39
Eric Leo 39

C Class
Bob Mac Farland *38
Jason Harris 36
Larry Dudley 35

D Class
Alex Gonzalez 32
Gregg Hamlin 32
Mark Rollins 13

Handicap Class Doubles Class
Wayne Averill 45 Bill Mortensen 44
Bill Boston 43 James Burden 38
Bill Mortensen 43 Jason Harris 38
Al Bost 42 Bob MacFarland 37
John Bendele 39 Al Bost 36
Eric Leo 36 Bill Boston 34
Jason Harris 35 Alex Gonzalez 33
James Burden 32
Larry Dudley 31
Fred Truelove 30

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