July 23rd Smoke Report

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July 23rd Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:42 pm

Greetings and I hope you survived the storms that rolled through North Carolina Sunday afternoon and evening. Quite a light show here at the house and I really appreciated the rain considering just how dry it is.

From what I hear the Southern Zone was quite a success with minimal moisture falling and not so super-hot temps over the four days. I tried to keep up with all the scores from all three locations and NC shooters did well locally and Zone wide.

Some great scores were posted, and it looks like Noah Gouge won the Championship Singles Zone wide with the lone 200 and Zone wide HAA and HOA. He also broke a 99 I believe in the Friday handicap that won Zone wide. It also looks like NC shooters won the HAA team event by almost 10 targets………over the Kentucky shooters. Great job fellas. I have included the link to all of the scores and you can dig through them if you want….. http://shootatazone.com/southern/menu.cfm

Shooting cranks back up on the local scene this week so please check the calendar for upcoming events. Here is the link to the NCTA Official shoot listings…. http://nctrap.com/shoots2017.pdf Remember that ATA membership renewal is just around the corner so please remember to sign up either by mail or online or even at your local club……

Let’s not forget the folks on our prayer list including Jan Schultz, Lewis Wyatt, Carolyn Keever, Will Price and David Millers wives. Lewis did make it to Brushy Mtn. VA Saturday and shot 200 targets. He said he felt good and that is great news to hear. Lane Murray is scheduled for rehab after his Doc appointment the 31st.

Not much more here to report and I hope everybody has a great week. Hello to Lou, Hap, Scott, Cousin Ronnie and Anne and until next week………………………..Smokem

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