July 30th Smoke Report

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July 30th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:55 pm

Good morning folks and I hope you had a great weekend. Great weekend to get out shooting and it looks like Watauga had a good turnout for the Ironman. Not a ton of news this week and if you are heading to the Grand American we wish you well.

The Grand cranks up the 1st of August and runs through the 11th. I will try to keep up with what is happening at the Grand, but you can monitor it on the ATA website. Weather is looking good and no chance of any 100-degree days. Hopefully someone will send me some pictures from the event.

I was texting Jeff Galloway the other day and our conversation led to the question of where is George Ponton? In May I had to pre-squad for the SC State Shoot and George had signed up for two handicap squads. Of course, we shot the SC shoot and no George on the squads and I thought maybe something had come up.

I called George and he said didn’t you here what happened? Evidently George was on his way to the Spartanburg and had stopped for a cup of coffee and to visit the bathroom. The store was closed and when he went around the vehicle the pavement was uneven and George went down hard and broke his patella. Here he was in the parking lot of a business that was closed with a broke knee. He has been recuperating and he made it to the Zone and shot a few events. I hate I missed this and please add him to your prayer list for his speedy recovery.

Have a great week everybody and it wont be long before we are talking about how cold it is…..Hello to Lou, Hap, Scott, Cousin Ronnie and Anne and until next week…………………..smokem

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