DCWC July 28th Results

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DCWC July 28th Results

Post by Scotch25 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:08 pm

It was a scorcher at the Big D on Saturday but the faithful braved the heat and turned in some good scores. Buddy Jensen was one bird shy of another straight to win singles. Ronnie Manual also shot well but lifted his butt on 3 occasions, shooting over the bird each time. Maybe someday he’ll learn to keep his cheek on the wood. Against his pitiful entreaties, Wayne Perry will never see a C classification at DCWC again. Though overwhelmed by a sense of injustice he still managed to win B class.

Mark Spoon, who the last time out coughed up a ½ yard punch on his last field (probably dreaming about the ticker tape parade he was about to receive), followed up with a 98 in handicap today and earned himself a full yard.

Karole and Jonathon Miller hung around for one round of the doubles shoot off but decided neither shooter really wanted to win and hit road before matters were settled. For the rest of us, it was comedy gold. We had 31, 30 and 15 step up to the line in. Here’s what happened:

Singles Champ (31 shooters) Buddy Jensen 99
AA: Dan Johnson 93
A: Ronnie Manuel 97
B: Wayne Perry 92
C: Lewis Oot 94
D: John Taylor 90

SRV: Joe Hartley 94
VT: Ed Rabenda 91
SBV: Richard Evans 91
Lady 1: Karole Miller 96
SJ: Ben Snell 94
JR: Ean Wagoner 89

Handicap Champ (30 shooters) Mark Spoon 98 (1 yd punch)
Short: Richard Evans 95
Intermediate: Ronnie Manuel 92
Mid: Tom Brown 89
Long: Buddy Jensen 90

SRV: Glenn Alford 84
VT: Ed Rabenda 81
SBV: Prayson Pate 87
Lady 1: Karole Miller 83
Lady 2: Pat Dwyer 88
SJ: Ben Snell 92
JR: Ean Wagoner 85

Doubles Champ (15 shooters) “Dan don’t flip” Johnson 94 ( s/o Buddy Jensen)
B: Buddy Jensen 94
C: Jeffery Allen 89
D: Lewis Oot 84

Vet: Tom Brown 73
SBV: Scott Ruby 75
Lady 1: Karole Miller 79
SJ: Joshua Brafford 83

HOA: Buddy Jensen 283

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