August 13th Smoke Report

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August 13th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:14 pm

Looks like the rain held off for the weekend and I hope you had a chance to get out and shoot. The Grand is over and by now I would imagine most folks are back home. Couple of shoots this weekend so take a look at the calendar for more info -

I took a little time to gather the winner info from the Grand. It was a daunting task and I hope I got everybody during my search. I included our NC shooters and SC shooters just for grins and giggles.

Prelim Week
##1 Hogdon Powder Singles – JrGold RU Noah Gouge 100
##3 Little Egypt Doubles – JrGold RU Noah Gouge 100
#11 Krieghoff Handicap – LadyII Champ Teresa Knight 96
#12 Rio Ammo Doubles – Vet 3rd Bob Schultz 98
EZGO HAA Prelim Week – Class D 3rd Kenny Cox 374

Grand Week
#15 Winchester AA Class Singles – Class D 4th Kenny Cox 195
#18 Wendell August C Of C – Vet RU Randy Knight 200
#21 Clay Target Championship – JrGold Champ Noah Gouge 200
#21 Clay Target Championship – Vet RU Randy Knight 200
#22 Doubles Championship – Class A RU Jay Willson 99
#22 Doubles Championship – Class B RU Frank Ketron 98
#23 Caesar Guerini Handicap – 11th Kenny Cox 98
#23 Caesar Guerini Handicap – SubJr 3d Brandon Cantrell 97
#23 Caesar Guerini Handicap – JrGold RU Noah Gouge 99
#24 Remington GAH – 23-24.5 (5th) Kenneth Flanagan 96

Here is a brief list of the winners of the championship events….
HAA – Summer Gobrecht 397
HAA – JrGold 3rd Noah Gouge 392
HOA – Pat Lamont 986
Clay Target Champion – Campbell 200
Doubles Champion – Corbin Grybowski 100
Grand American Handicap Champion – Kelan Kilian 100

Here is the link to the page where you can find all the scores. There is a page that allows you to look for your friends to see all the scores they broke. Look for the key commands that allows you to search by name…. ... sults.aspx

From what I gather the weather was great and one doubles event was cancelled one evening but was shot early the next morning. Not sure if attendance was up or down but the general feel was a great time had by all…..

Please remember the folks on our NC prayer list and please add Virginia shooter Bob Goodman to the list….

Have a great week everybody and if you get a chance and have a phone number please call some of these folks and congratulate them on their great shooting at the Grand American. Hello to Lou, Hap, Scott, Cousin Ronnie and Anne and until next week………………….Smokem

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