8/19/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

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8/19/18 Buccaneer Gun Club Big 50

Post by jchild1016 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:43 pm

Trap Sunday May 15th

Another great day at Buccaneer with a lot of wind. Again we missed
the rain that gave us some nice weather.

We had a good turnout today with 6 squads. The top gun for the day was David Barron with a great score of 48 to take A Class. Way to go
David you are shooting some great scores. In Handicap you shot 47 and Doubles you shot a 46 to be the top gun in all three events. Mike
Petrone took B Class with a 44. We had a tie in C Class between
John Moyer and Steve Hall with a 36. Gregg Hamelin came in with a
31 for D Class.

I would like to thank Bob MacFarland, Rich Rossi, Pat Childers, Jason Harris, John Moyer, Eric Leo. I would like to thank the nonmembers Bill Boston, Nate Snyder and Alex Gonzalez for there help. These guys worked up a real sweat helping out. What a great group of guys that pitched in to make it a good Trap Day at Buccaneer.

A Class Handicap
David Barron *48 David Barron *47
Nate Snyder 47 Bill Mortensen 46
Jason Harris 46 Nate Snyder 41
Pat Childers 45 Pat Childers 40
Bill Mortensen 45 Jason Harris 40
Terry Lewis 39
B Class Tim Parvis 38
Mike Petrone *44 Rich Rossi 35
Bill Boston 43 Wayne Averill 33
Jeff Cole 43 Larry Dudley 33
Tim Parvis 43 Bill Boston 32
Wayne Averill 43 Eric Leo 29
Terry Lewis 42 Jeff Brown 20
Eric Leo 41
Bob MacFarland 41 Doubles
Larry Dudley 41 David Barron *46
Dave Burton 40 Jason Harris 44
Rich Rossi 40 Nate Snyder 41
Alex Gonzalez 39 Pat Childers 41
Vince Incal 39 Bob Mac Farland 39
Alex Gonzalez 38
C Class Bill Mortensen 38
John Moyer *36 Eric Leo 37
Steve Hall *36 Rich Rossi 29
Terry Lewis 24
D Class Jeff Brown 18
Gregg Hamlin *31
Scott Bethell 29
Tim Howard 26
Mike Orr 24
Robbie Sutton 23
Jeff Brown 21
Angela Falk 14
James Chamers 9

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