DCWC Aug 25th Shoot Results

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DCWC Aug 25th Shoot Results

Post by Scotch25 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:10 pm

The Big D finished the year on a perfect day to shoot. Good food, good birds and good friends. We’d like to thank everyone who attended our shoots this year for driving the miles and making this another great year. Special thanks to coaches and parents of youth shooters who sacrifice a lot to bring along the next generation of competitive shooters in North Carolina.

Singles Champ (28 shooters) Charles Brown 100
AA: Dan Wilson 99
A: Gregory High 99
B: Ed Rabenda 95
C: Ronald Costanzo 93
D: Orlin Taylor 95

SRV: Joe Hartley 97
VT: Tom Brown 98
SBV: Richard Evans 94
Lady 1: Wendy Gutierrez 77
SJ: John Williams 68
JR: Kurt Shuler 87

Handicap Champ (28 shooters) Ray Yazdi 97 (1 yd punch)
Short: Ed Rabenda 96 (0.5 yd punch)
Intermediate: Ronnie Manuel 96 (0.5 yd punch)
Mid: Doug Mckinney 87
Long: Charles Brown 95

SRV: Glenn Alford 88
VT: Tom Brown 82
SBV: Jim Johnson 94
Lady 1: Scarlett Su 79
Lady 2: Pat Dwyer 78
SJ: Tyler Cox 85
JR: Kurt Shuler 90

Doubles Champ (16 shooters) John Danson 98
A: Doug Mckinney 82
B: Buddy Jensen 93
C: Robert Hill 85
D: Damon Cox 85

SRV: Gregory High 92
Vet: Tom Brown 85
SBV: Perry Kemp 81
SJ: Tyler Cox 60

HOA: Dan Johnson 291
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Re: DCWC Aug 28th Shoot Results

Post by straightaway » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:02 pm

It's always easy enough to complain so it ought to be as easy to recognize improvement.

After the last shoot Durham, there were some "observations" made and communicated to DCWC mgmt. about some things that might help improve shooter experience there. Evidently they took it to heart, dug in and............what a difference!

The target presentation was better than it's been in a couple of years. The erads were ALL spot on. They trimmed the trees way back that hung over post one on field one at the back fence. They took field three out of program rotation and are working hard to get it throwing targets like it should.

These efforts were certainly noticed and certainly appreciated.

Thank You.

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