Buckhorn 9/1/2018

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Buckhorn 9/1/2018

Post by straightaway » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:31 pm

Hot, humid, nasty, yuck........

Day one of Buckhorn's three day shoot is in the books to start the 2018-2019 target year. A small bunch showed up to play, I imagine there were many out in the dove fields plying their skills on those tough airborne acrobats.

Despite the conditions and the small crowd, there were great scores shot in the three events today. The heat took it's toll on several and the last handicap was shot by just 5 hardy souls.

The resident curmudgeon came out to play and proved he still knows which end of his Kolar is meant for what, at least in handicap, we'll detail the singles in a little bit.

Marty showed up with his kitty kat and it has been discovered that "Sam" not only has species identification concerns, he has gender identity "issues" as well. He kept trying to get romantic with Jeff and Scarlett's dog Scotch........hmmmm

The scores

Handicap #1 (9 shooters)
Champ - Jim Wilson 96
Short - Joe Nalley 88
Mid - Glenn Alford 81
Inter - Karole Miller 92
Long - Dan Johnson 90
Lady - Tiffany Decker 92
Vet - Brad Barnett 83

Singles (8 shooters)
Champ - Tiffany Decker 100
AA - Dan Johnson 99
A - Doug McKinney 92
B - Jeff Abarbanell 92
C - Glenn Alford 93
Lady - Kim McKinney 90
Sr Vet - Joe Nalley 92
Sub Vet - Jim Wilson 98

Now for the dirt. As alluded to in previous reports, there are some of us that regularly shoot together that have a "thing" about the 1st target. Mr. Wilson managed to miss the first singles target out for the new target year. That was painfully pointed out by John Miller (who didn't shoot btw). With that performance, Mr. Wilson secured the 1st target award for the ENTIRE season. Ya, I know, Karma is a bitch and I fully expect for her to bite me in the rear as soon as she can. Oh well, that's precious material right there.

Handicap #2 (5 shooters)
Champ - Joe Nalley 91
Short - Jeff Abarbanell 90
Mid - Glenn Alford 87
Lady - Karole Miller 88
Vet - Curtis Odem 83

C'mon out and join us tomorrow. We'll throw 100 singles. 100 caps and 100 pair of doubles. Monday will be a typical 300 target day.

Travel Safe! Dan

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