Buckhorn 9/3/2018

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Buckhorn 9/3/2018

Post by straightaway » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:21 pm

BGC wound up the three day Labor Day shoot on Monday 9/3. Conditions were just like Saturday and Sunday, hot and humid. We had 14 shooters for singles10 for handicap and 12 for doubles today. Again, good scores were shot in all events. John Miller finally poked his head out and shot the last event of the program.

John had spent all the rest of his time loading traps and cleaning up the mess Jim made when he dumped a pallet of targets...... Thanks John. The remainder of the faithful pitched in when/where needed to make things run as smooth as a shoot can possibly be run.

Jeri provided lunch each day and Karole kept everyone's sugar level up with her delicious creations. Kevin Biss showed up today with a drop dead delicious blueberry pie. Marty and I each stuck a piece back to enjoy after the last target was thrown, and enjoy we did!

Noticeably absent was Tiffany Decker. The rumor mill told the tale that Brad wouldn't allow her out as he didn't want to be seen in his gun bearer / shell caddy role. Yep, we all came to agreement and believe that was indeed the case. Now I won't say that I received an obscene phone call after yesterday's write up but, it has to be understood that I am only reporting the events that unfold, I don't create them.

Tim Crabtree and Joe Nalley faced off in a doubles grudge match. Tim hasn't had his O/U out of the case for over three years and Joe had never shot doubles before. It was nip and tuck the entire way through with Tim edging Joe out by a single target after the smoke cleared.

Champ - Karole Miller 98
AA Dan Johnson 97
A - Chuck Woody 97
B - Kevin Biss 90
C - Ron Costanzo 91
D - Scarlett Su 92
Lady - Taylor Horner 90
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 93
Sub Vet - Winky Mabe 94
Jr - Josh Brafford 92

Champ - Dan Johnson 95
Short - Josh Brafford - 92
Mid - Winky Mabe 92
Inter - Karole Miller 86
Lady - Scarlett Su 89
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 93
Jr - Taylor Horner 94

Champ - John Miller 94
AA - Dan Johnson 88
C - Marty Hill 88
D - Tim Crabtree 80
Lady - Karole Miller 83
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 87
Sub Vet - Walter Mabe 87
Jr - Ean Wagoner 86

HOA Dan Johnson

And that is that!

The Dixie Grand is just a few short weeks out. If you didn't get there last year, you missed out. The NCTA Homegrounds in Bostic has the nicest facilities and throws the best targets in the Southeast. Hope to see you there!

Travel Safe and see you next time wherever it is! Dan

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