BGC Labor Day Weekend Shoot Day 2

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BGC Labor Day Weekend Shoot Day 2

Post by straightaway » Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:35 pm

That was a lot of targets. 13,800 count for today!

This old fat boy skipped the singles to be able to take a whack at all 500 doubles. There were several that did shoot all 600 today, bless their pea pickin' little hearts......!

Today was well attended with 26 shooting the singles, 29 for the 1st 100 doubles, 25 for the 2nd 100, 23 for the 3rd, 18 for the 4th and 17 for the 5th. Now, those that dropped out after the first couple hundred missed out as conditions did improve slightly for the last 2 events. Forgot to mention the breeze didn't I..........Temperatures were near ideal, there was intermittent cloud cover that did play havoc with seeing them at times. then there was the wind. It started up during the singles and then made things "interesting" for the doubles. Up, down, and sideways, they were as "sporty" as we've seen in a while. We used fields one two and four for the event and had it rolled up around 5:00ish.

Once again young Ms. Taylor Horner begged, pleaded and cried until we relented and allowed her to shoot with us. We finally agreed that it would only cost her $5/ea.........

Neglected to mention yesterday, Cooper Pennington's Dad Charlie has joined the fray as he is now registering targets. This is really great to see as we need all the participation in our sport that we can get!

Eric Allshouse has also taken the plunge. He's been practicing regularly and.......welcome to the misery!

Then, Barbecue Master Tim Crabtree pulled the lid off of the cooker he had fired up at 5:00a.m. and treated all and sundry to a pork pullin feast. As is the norm for events of this type, all the sides were there as well. One constant remains at Buckhorn, if you leave there hungry, it's your own blessed fault.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank every one that contributed today. Everything from loading traps, scoring, cleaning up, running score sheets, cashiering, squadding etc, etc, etc. It was a long day, but what a great accomplishment!

Here we go.......

Champ - Kai Li 98
AA - Jay Willson / John Miller 98
A - Walter Mabe 95
B - William Howe 97
C - Ken Moore 94
D - Jennifer Willson 86
Lady - Karole Miller 97
Sr Vet - Glenn Alford 93
Vet - Curtis Odem
Sub Vet - Jim Hughes 96
Jr - Ean Wagoner 96
S Jr - Holden Watson 86

1st Hundred
Champ - John Miller 94
AA - Dan Johnson 90
A - Jay Willson 91
B - Jim Hughes 86
C - Randy Jones 83
D - Cooper Pennington 88
Lady - Jennifer Willson 80
Sr Vet - Greg High 86
Sub Vet - Walter Mabe 91
Jr - Cooper Pennington 88
S Jr - Holden Watson 57

2nd Hundred
Champ - Jay Willson 93
AA - Dan Johnson 90
A - Walter Mabe 90
B - Jim Hughes 90
C - Randy Jones 86
D - Glenn Alford 82
Lady - Jennifer Willson 84
Sr Vet - Greg High 87
Jr - Ean Wagoner 85

3rd Hundred
Champ - Dan Johnson 92
AA - Jim Wilson/John Miller 88
A - Jay Willson 89
B - Jim Hughes 89
C - Will Price 87
D - Glenn Alford 75
Lady - Jennifer Willson 87
Sr Vet - William Howe 85
Jr - Taylor Horner 86

4th Hundred
Champ - Jay Willson 95
AA - Dan Johnson 94
A - Darvin Cornett 86
B - Jim Hughes 88
C - Robert M Hill Jr 90
D - Glenn Alford 70
Lady - Karole Miller 89
Sr Vet - Greg High 88
Jr - Taylor Horner 86
S Jr - Holden Watson 60

5th Hundred
Champ - Dan Johnson 97
AA - John Miller 92
A - Jay Willson 94
B - Jim Hughes 89
C - Jennifer Willson 89
D - Glenn Alford 78
Lady - Karole Miller 90
Sr Vet - Greg High 85
Sub Vet - Robert M Hill Jr 89
Jr - Taylor Horner 86

Typical 300 target day tomorrow - c'mon out and gitcha some!

Shoot often and well. Travel Safe and see you next time wherever it is! Dan

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