BGC Labor Day Weekend Shoot - Day3

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BGC Labor Day Weekend Shoot - Day3

Post by straightaway » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:37 pm

We wrapped up the beginning of the new target year today in nearly perfect conditions. It got a little toasty out there and the humidity seemed "elevated".

I wasn't able to get to the club in time for the singles due to a prior commitment. Got things taken care of and loaded Ms. Mary and a plate of brownies into the truck and headed north. When we got there it was kinda strange......several vehicles in the parking lot and not one person to be seen outside. As we went into the clubhouse it became quickly evident what was going on. Leftovers. Tim's pig pickin was on everyone's plate and all appeared to be using two hands to shove as much in at one time as they could.........

The SC Willsons found out they can't go home! Their home region is under a mandatory evac order. We believe they have relatives in the Charlotte area and they do have their toy hauler with them so they should be ok. They had a huge time shooting with us and were pretty much able to hold their own and then some as has been and will be reported. Here's wishing them safe travels when they can get home and hopefully we'll see them at the Dixie in a month. They even kicked in to help out when they could and may now consider themselves in the "Faithful Family"

The faithful sure did a bang up job these three days on all fronts. Nobody waited on a thing. A total of............24,900 targets were thrown. Good scores were broken in all events. Some shooters had personal bests, new shooters were signed up as ATA members and, will wonders never cease - good clean wholesome, family fun was had with guns and no one got hurt! You'll never hear any mainstream media mention anything like that and the libs would certainly have kittens wouldn't they......................!

Let's move on to the scores

Singles 13 shooters
Champ - Tim Crabtree 99
AA - Jay Willson 96
A - Richard Drake 93
C- Trevor Fleck 92
D - Jennifer Willson 87
Lady - Karole Miller 95
Sr Vet - Joe Nalley 98
Vet - Curtis Odem 84
Sub Vet - Jim Hughes 97
Jr - Caleb Mathis 97

Handicap 13 shooters
Champ - Trevor Fleck 91
Short - Jennifer Willson 89
Mid - Joe Nalley 89
Long - Dan Johnson 89
Lady - Karole Miller 90
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 90
Vet - Curtis Odem 84
Sub Vet - Jim Hughes 91
Jr - Luke Barker 91

Doubles 13 shooters
Champ - Dan Johnson 97 (dumbass dutched the last pair.....)
A - Jay Willson 91
B - Joe Nalley 78
C - Jennifer Willson 92
D - Jerilyn "Granny" Wilson 90
Lady - Karole Miller 77
Sr Vet - Richard Drake 80
Sub Vet - Jim Hughes 90
Jr - Caleb Mathis 91

HOA - Caleb Mathis

We're now only a month out from the Dixie! Hope to see you there!

Shoot well and often, Travel Safe! See you next time wherever it is. Dan

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