September 16th Smoke Report

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September 16th Smoke Report

Post by smokem » Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:40 pm

Hello and I hope you had a great weekend. Weather was great for shooting Saturday and Sunday and several clubs registered targets. Three BIG50 events this week and here is the link to the NCTA shoot calendar.

The Dixie Grand is just weeks away and I hope you are planning to attend. Looks like some of the big dogs are planning to attend and I hear Ray Stafford will be at the NC Homegrounds. I reported a few weeks ago that Terry Roush will be installing a FM and TV transmitter to broadcast info to the campers similar to what RJStuart sets up at shoots he cashiers.

I tried to contact Fred Callahan last week and evidently, he didn’t recognize who I was. I will try again later this week or maybe Marty can explain to him who called him.

Tom Shelley and his fiancée are out traveling the world and she has been posting some amazing pictures on Facebook. I guess after his Alaska trip she wanted to take a trip of her own with him driving the rig. I wonder if they will be back in time for him to attend the Dixie?

Lane Murray is off on a Harley adventure this week and will be sliding through Boone Wednesday night. I think he is meeting Morg for a little dinner and some chitchat before heading off to Cherokee. Hopefully Lane will be back to shooting in 2020 after he is certain both shoulders have healed properly.

Lewis Wyatt made it out to the Rockingham Gun Club Saturday and Sunday, and it was good to see him. He rode the golf cart down to the wobble trap Sunday to see the folks compete in the fun shoot and he can’t wait to get back out there shooting. Please keep him in your prayers.

I hope everybody has a great week and gets out to practice this week. I was happy to see Brandon Matthews son shooting at Rocky Mount Sunday. He won the singles and the doubles and the HOA and I know Anne is a happy momma to see her youngin out shooting. Hello to Lou, Scott, Lewis, Ronnie and Anne and until next week……………………smokem

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